Blind solution for sliding doors

sliding door blindphoto 11 e1430941903242 Blind solution for sliding doors

After going through all the different options with my customer on what would provide the most practical solution for these sliding doors, Claire opted for perfect fit Venetian blinds.
There was only about 40mm clearance between one door and the other as they slide past so the Perfect fit Venetian blind was the best solution for both shading and privacy.

They can also be an ideal solution for bi-fold doors.

James Love-blinds

Let sleeping dogs lie.

Here’s to longer lies for parents of kid’s and puppy’s,IMG 4266 e1430825324235 Let sleeping dogs lie..
This job was a request for a blind to help a certain 4 legged friend sleep longer in the mornings.
At 4 months old she is quite excitable and full of energy, but was waking up with the sun when the clocks went forward, which meant my customer was also having to get up really early too.

The solution was to install a blind with a black-out fabric that would keep the area where this cute pup sleeps darker while providing a nice bright outlook to the room.

We think this proves that black-out blinds don’t have to be dull.